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MUTAŞ, which has adopted the principle of offering quality rice and pulses to our people since the 1980’s, continues the same mission today. Hatipoğlu Tarım Üre. San. ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ’nin production, sales and distribution of the MUTAŞ kalmasını concession that does not give thanks to the consumer’s eyes in the eyes of the place has begun to take place. Since its foundation, our company, which has been making the best efforts in terms of quality and service in the sector up to now, has taken its rightful position in the sector by raising its quality quality together with the sector. MORE THAN HEALTHY AND TASTY MEALS YOU with MUTAS …

Gladness of Customer

We believe that permanent success can only be achieved through high customer satisfaction and loyalty. That’s why our company; We continually improve ourselves so that both our customers and our employees are the first choice.

Fast and Quality Service

Our teams are prepared in line with the phone calls from you; We provide you with quicker access to our services with our service to provide you with faster service.



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